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+ Criminal Defense: All Types of Criminal Cases including: Driving Under the Influence, Assault, Abuse, Theft, Failure to Pay Child Support, Motions to Revoke Probation, All Stages of litigation: Bonds, Expungements, Trials
+ Personal Injury-Auto-Wrecks, Negligence, Wrongful Injury, Slip and Fall Cases
+ Social Security Disability-Appeals and Claims
+ Workers Compensation Claims
+ Employment Actions-Unlawful Termination


Navigating the complex judicial system requires experience and insight. Many people are understandably upset and frustrated by the thought of having to go to court to either bring an action against a party who has wronged them or when they are accused of violating the law.

Seeking the guidance of a lawyer trained and experienced in navigating the law is the best decision one can make in these circumstances.

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